Milan Design Week

Tohi is only a preface to Nejati’s metanarrative of designs. Khiz, Mahar, Najva, Majal, and Panah are few of her vase designs. Khiz manifests as a modern symbolism of nature where the plant has boldly taken roots outside the vase. Panah and Mahar integrate the most dynamic state of the cylinder with the balanced form of the triangle. She further explores unique designs in crockery with Vaghar, Shogh, and Shour. Though her designs attempt to narrate their being through ambiguity, what can be said to remain rather uniform is their materiality. Nejati believes in the ancestral connection to stone which led her to use it in all her designs, along with a splash of modernity in steel. While mentioning her love for natural materials and imperfections, she adds, “Each strike at each point of time has a different outcome. An outcome that is impossible to replicate precisely.” 


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