Elham Nejati: A Rising Artist Among the 8 Emerging Designers at WantedDesign Manhattan 2023

Elham Nejati, has recently received a significant recognition.
The Bruno Effect Magazine featured her in one of their articles, titled “8 Emerging Designers You Need to See at WantedDesign Manhattan 2023.” This recognition serves as a testament to Elham’s unwavering passion for design and her distinctive approach to the field.
WantedDesign Manhattan, known for showcasing the talents in the design world, provided the perfect stage for Elham’s work to shine. The discerning editors at The Bruno Effect Magazine were captivated by her designs, which are characterized by a unique fusion of art, nature, and contemporary aesthetics.
Elham’s work stood out among the emerging design stars of 2023, and her feature in The Bruno Effect Magazine is a clear indication of her promising future in the design industry.
For those interested in exploring Elham’s work and the designs that caught the magazine’s attention, the full feature can be found on The Bruno Effect Magazine’s website by following this link: The Bruno Effect Magazine – 8 Emerging Designers at WantedDesign Manhattan 2023.

Link : https://magazine.thebrunoeffect.com/emerging-designers-wanteddesign-manhattan-2023/

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